Concept Design & CGI

We initiate each project with a clear understanding of process, culture, environment and place,
to enable our designers can deliver unique, innovative and immersive design concepts that are contextually sensitive.

Our conceptual illustrators and sketch artists have ideated some of the most inspiring iconic works that are continued to be enjoyed by millions around the globe every year.

Sanderson develops compelling concepts, story lines, themes, design elements, architectural styles and creative briefs for conceptual proposals which define the project scope to a level for the next phase of design.

The development of 3D images that offer lifelike representations of the built design are compelling tools to share with our client’s management and marketing teams, as well as with, stakeholders, financial partners and government officials. The development of a CGI fly- through provides a lifelike moving passage through a design at any point of view, be it flying over the site or the walking pace of the guest arrival sequence of a thematic space.

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