Mr. William Liu

Mr. William Liu, a director of Sanderson Group and General Manager of Sanderson Group Design Limited, is mainly in charge of business development, financial control and project management of Greater China Region. His years’ experience in project management and financial control enabled him to apply his professional perspective into diversified areas such as investment analysis, project feasibility, commercial real estate development, business development and feasibility analysis, etc. Mr. Liu has a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience in all aspects of themed tourism destination projects such as positioning, planning, investment promotion, marketing, operation, management, investment, capital operation, which also allows him to communicate effectively with theme park investors. Mr. Liu is well versed with domestic and foreign theme ride suppliers and related industry trends.

Mr. Liu has been in charge of a series of large scale projects in China, including Qingdao Rio Carnival, Wushang Group Snow Adventure Park, China-French PuDuoFu Show, Oriental Nerverland project of Huachang Group, Aquarium project of Wanda Group, etc. At the same time, he led the team to have tapped up overseas theme park market, such as Dream World AKFA Theme Park in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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